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Legal, commercial and financial services providing an extensive range of solutions, advice and support that meet the varying needs of clients engaged with maritime related business.

Our mission is to prevent financial losses to our customers, and benefit them from my extensive expertise in Law and Maritime Business, striving to meet all our costumers requirements in the marine industry in every service provided.

Please contact me for more information or if you have specific questions about my services. I look forward to working with you.


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The best maritime legal services at your disposal

Legal proceedings

Our primary focus is on maritime transport related legal issues. We may argue cases in Court, covering a broad area of issues ranging from injuries and working conditions to shipping and commerce, and provide orientation for the administration of claims and resolution of conflicts, either by means of participation, arbitration or judicial processes in which any subject can derive.

Ships arrest

By means of our network of Correspondents we are able to take immediate legal action and get the arrest of any ship all over the world.


We review and draft documents, negotiate Agreements and provide an optimal previous orientation in questions of revision and closing of Contracts.

Port consultation

We can keep our clients advised about any kind of relevant information of the Canary Islands and the main Spanish Mainland ports.

Maritime business management consulting

We have long experience in working with Marine Surveyors, investigators and loss adjusters to provide a full marine legal service. With clients ranging from Ship Owners to Hull and Cargo Underwriters, commodities end-users to Trade Associations and Port Operators, our cross-sector understanding informs the commercially-focused advice you get. We can advise you on dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) related to commodities, Contractual and Charter Party / Bills of Lading conflicts, Agency Services, Contracts of sale and purchase and maritime charters, assistance in any eventual sanctioning process and maritime tax inspectorate, special taxes and Customs surveillance, legal services of ship liens, quantity claims, bonds, assistance and maritime salvage.

Full port call arrangements

Thanks to our 40 years experience acting as Ship Agent at the Canary Islands and the main Spanish Ports we are in position to offer our clients all kind of port call arrangements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a leading Spanish law firm specialized in shipping business. Our firm is managed by N. Díaz-Casanova, with more than 40 years of experience dealing with maritime issues around the world.

Shipbuilding and ship repairs contracts, Towage and pilotage, Docks and harbours, Arrest and release of ships, Marine casualties, Charter party and bills of lading disputes, Cargo loss and damages, and all kind of conflicts related to shipping business, transactions.

We can act for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can approach us anytime through the contact details shown on this Webpage.


Although our Head Office is based at Las Palmas, we can also act for you anywhere in Spanish Mainland ports. We have also a network of Correspondent Law Firms around the world, enabling us to assist you in any kind of international matters.

Yes, we can provide any kind of legal services, other than maritime conflicts, before the Spanish Court.


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